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Sep 19

Rainbow Makeup Look (Throwback Thursday)

It’s Throwback Thursday time! I would like to share my own version of Rainbow Makeup Look that I created last year for the Anniversary contest of Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione.


I love joining giveaways especially if it requires creativity. Though the contest was on a raffle basis, I still exerted extra effort for this contest because I really love makeup and I was a bit addicted to colorful makeup look that time.


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Rainbow Makeup Look

Rainbow Makeup Look


When I was still a kid, I used to play with my Mom’s makeup whenever she was not around. :D But my love for makeup officially started last year. I started collecting makeup palettes, makeup brushes, lipsticks, and etc. just last year. Makeup became my stress reliever.


I love doing colorful makeup look and it all started when I created this look. 


Rainbow Makeup Look



I know it was not perfect especially the brows. :D But this Rainbow Makeup Look is memorable to me. And for me, it is worth sharing. ^_^


Check out some other photos of my Rainbow Makeup Look:


Rainbow Makeup Look

The Eyes


Rainbow Makeup Look

The Lips


Rainbow Makeup Look






Products I used to create this look:






Flat Top Brush  


That’s it for my own version of Rainbow Makeup Look. This is not perfect and this is not the look you could wear everyday. It’s just for fun and you should try doing colorful makeup look once in a while. I hope you like it.


Show some love and comment your thoughts about this look below. .^_^.


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Katie Kate

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