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Nov 27

DIY Cosmetic Organizer and Jewelry Box Using BDJ Boxes

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Lilaccola - DIY Cosmetic Organizer and Jewelry Box Using BDJ Boxes

Aside from makeup, beauty boxes, travel, running and joining giveaways, I also love gift wrapping. I usually wrap gifts only during Christmas Season and I really love exerting extra effort for that. Buying materials is the hardest part because I want my gift wrap to be unique, so I have to find a unique paper and other materials. Once I already have the materials, it would be a lot easier for me to think of ways on how my gift wrap will look unique and more presentable. Today, I would love to share to you, my lovely readers, on how I made a DIY Cosmetic Organizer and Jewelry Box using my BDJ boxes. I am a BDJ Box subscriber since last year, and I kept all the boxes I'd got from the previous months. I've bee thinking of ways on how will I be able to re-use my boxes for quite a long time now. Good thing I was able to watch Nicole Romero's, DIY: Recycle Your BDJ Box Into A Kikay Kit


View full post and see how I transform my BDJ Boxes into a Cosmetic Organizer and a Jewelry Box. :)