I'm broke but I'm happy.
Oct 06

BDJ Fair 2013: Make It Happen

The long wait is over! BDJ Fair 2013 will finally be held next week at SM Mall of Asia. I pre-registered and already got my invite for the talks. I am so excited to meet new friends and to see my fellow Bellas in this much-awaited event. 


Aside from the talks and booth activities, I am also excited to get my BDJ Power Planner 2014. They will be selling it at 20% off. I am still torn if I will be getting a customized or the leather one. Sadly, leather BDJ planner cannot be customized. :( But I love its simplicity. Well, I still have a few days to think about it. Could you help me choose? Just comment below. ^_^


BDJ Fair 2013

BDJ Fair 2013 : Make It Happen

As part of their BDJ Power Planner 2014 launching, they gave bloggers a chance to win a planner. :)  


BDJ Fair Blogger Promo

BDJ Fair Blogger Promo

And here’s my entry for the Option # 1. ^_^


The one thing I want to #MakeItHappen this 2014 is to SAVE and spend less without making myself miserable! I really splurge a lot this year through travel, makeup, Fun Run and other stuff. Yes, I am happy even though I am broke but no matter how happy I am, there’s still this guilty feeling. This 2014, with the help of Bills and Cash Flow Tracker pages in my BDJ Power Planner, I will make my 2014 savings possible. I will seriously update this page for me to track all the bills, spending and savings. I guess this 2014, instead of just being broke but happy, I will make it “I’m Broke But I’m Happy and not miserable because I have savings”. :)


BDJ Fair 2013

BDJ Power Planner 2014

Inviting you the BDJ Fair 2013 : #MakeitHappen on October 13 (Sunday) at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

Entrance is free, walk-ins welcome. But pre-registered girls have special perks! Visit fb.com/belledejourplanner and ilovebdj.com for more details. :)


Lots of Love,


Katie Kate Siggy


Katie Kate

Be Broke but Happy .^_^.

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