I'm broke but I'm happy.

About Katie


Welcome to my LilacCola.com!


I am Maria Katherine Mendoza, the author of LilacCola. If I would describe myself, there are a couple of words that would come into my mind.


Sweet. Brat. Thoughtful. Bully. Clumsy. IT. Software Tester. Loves unusual things. Demanding. Procrastinator. Extraordinary. Broke. Happy. Shopaholic. Shoeaholic. Pet lover. Make-up lover. Living life to the fullest.


Yup that is pretty much it :)


Well anyways,  this Blog will mainly be covering the categories: Shopping, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion. Well, sometimes I would just post anything under the sun when I feel like it.


I do hope you spend some time in reading some of my posts.




Lots of Love,


Katie Kate Siggy


Katie Kate

Be Broke but Happy .^_^.